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Willows Montessori Nursery

Our Policies and Procedures

Our registration and management practices are supported by a comprehensive set of Policies and Procedures which assure our compliance to the latest Care Standards. These are always readily available for inspection by parents / carers at Willows Montessori Nursery.

Equal Opportunities

Willows Montessori Nursery welcomes any child and adult and does not discriminate in any way towards gender, race or ethnic origin, creed, colour, religion, disabilities or impairments. Each and every child and adult will be treated as an individual who has individual needs; this will include special educational needs where appropriate.

Complaints Policy

If at any time you feel there is a problem please speak to a member of staff who you feel can appropriately deal with it, for example your child’s Key Person, or the Nursery Managers.

If you do not feel we have dealt with your problem to your satisfaction you may wish to contact OFSTED.