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Willows Montessori Nursery

The Hedgehog & Squirrel Room

Our Hedgehog and Squirrel Rooms are part of one larger room and can be separated by a partition gate. This follows the Montessori ethos, allowing the younger and older children to mix and socialise, which greatly aids their personal, social and emotional development, and allows the younger ones to observe and learn from example. Children between the two rooms are aged from 3 months to around 2 years old. We can take up to 18 children per session and our staff to child ratio is 1:3.

Hedgehog Room

Our Hedgehog Room is designed specifically for babies, with cosy areas for nap times and tummy time play, and areas for crawlers and early walkers to explore. We have a wide variety of treasure baskets to explore and staff provide a range of sensory activities suitable to this age range.

Squirrel Room

Our Squirrel Room is tailored for toddlers and early walkers, with all furniture at the child’s level. The shelves are stocked with developmentally appropriate activities which are accessible to children at all times and include some early Montessori materials. There is also a cosy cushion area where children can explore and read books. Staff also provide a range of adult led activities which the children can take part in if they choose.

Both rooms have regular access to our extensive outdoor area.