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Willows Montessori Nursery

Squirrel Room

Our Squirrel room is for a maximum of 18 children per session, aged from birth to 2 years, and our staff to child ratio is 1:3. Squirrel room is located on the first floor of our building and children are encouraged to walk up and down the stairs when they are able and are always supervised when doing so.

Our Squirrels take part in lots of activities of a sensory nature including messy play activities, heuristic play with objects, treasure baskets, music and dancing (lights and sounds).

We have a wide variety of treasure baskets for exploration and activities on our shelves are designed for the age and stage of development of the children within this room. These include activities such as locks and latches boards, building blocks, animals, loose parts (boxes and lids / tubes / balls), cars, train tracks, musical instruments, inset puzzles and shape sorters. Adult-led activities take place throughout the day and children are invited to take part. These activities can include group activities in a tuff spot on the floor, music and movement, water play, mark making.

Children spend time outdoors during the morning and afternoon sessions and our garden is a wonderful sensory experience in all weathers! We also take children on short outings around the village or to the local park.